Wentworth Season 5 will not air until next year, but fans have already begun guessing what will happen next. This should not come as a surprise, though. The fourth season of the hit show did end with quite the shocker. The prison has just lost its top dog. Who could possibly replace her next season?

Joan “The Freak” Ferguson repeatedly stabbed Bea Smith with a screwdriver. While most fans still can’t accept her death, facts remain. The Freak stabbed Bea multiple times. She lost a lot of blood. The episode also ended with Bea already hallucinating about her dead child.

The show’s executive producer,  Jo Porter, has later come out to confirm star  Danielle Cormack’s exit from the show. Fans can’t escape the truth: Bea is dead. Could the Freak actually take her place as top dog next season?

The Freak might have been on her way out of prison in that last episode. However, she did stab Bea out in the open. This might just land her back behind bars next season. Could she really manage to be the next top dog?

The Freak isn’t the only character who can replace Bea as the prison’s main man, though. Several other characters can step up as the prison’s big boss.

Fans might not have seen Franky Doyle for a while now since she’s still out on parole. However, she could still return to take on the Freak and become the next top dog. Vera Bennett might not be a prisoner exactly. But, according to Movie News Guide, she could also still pull the strings as the main character next season.

Who will replace Bea Smith as top dog in the show’s next installment? Will the Freak really find herself behind bars again in Season 5? Will Franky really return as Bea’s replacement? Or will the next season change things a bit and assign someone other than a prisoner as the next top dog? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.

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Wentworth season 5 premieres next year.