Bea Smith’s return on Wentworth Season 5 is still in debate. Recently, actress Danielle Cormack addressed her fans and thanked them for their love and support for Bea Smith. The previous season of this Aussie drama showed a tragic end for Bea Smith but her return to the forthcoming chapter is in great demand. Does that mean that Bea Smith will come back to Wentworth Season 5 due to insistent public demand?

Although Wentworth executive producer Jo Porter recently confirmed that Bea Smith’s return in Wentworth Season 5 is almost impossible, fans are still hopeful to see her in the next season. Right from the beginning, Danielle Cormack’s character has been a pillar of the show. As a result, her demise prompted a number of fans to boycott the series.

According to the showrunner, Bea’s exit would allow for new characters and plots to take center stage in the next season. Thus, her fans should stop hoping for her return because everything was planned “for dramatic purpose.” However, the idea of a new lead in Wentworth Season 5 is somewhat unacceptable for Bea Smith fans. They are still waiting for some positive news with bated breath.

A few days back, the channel pointed towards some new possibilities on the show. It indicated that the new Top Dog for Wentworth Season 5 will not be someone from already existing characters. One might actually feel for the new Top Dog considering she will have to live with the ghost of Bea Smith when the show returns, reports Parent Herald.

The Possible Comeback of Bea Smith:

While fans have been clamoring for more of Bea Smith on this Foxtel drama, we can expect that her return is possible in Wentworth Season 5. How? She might not appear in the series in her living form. Her comeback might only be in flashbacks or dream sequences. Do you think it’s feasible?

Production work for Wentworth Season 5 is underway, and the show is expected to return in 2017. For more updates, stay tuned.