Another season of Wentworth ended last week. Or at least, it did for viewers Down Under. Fans abroad still need to wait a couple more weeks before the finale hits their small screens. However, will this kind of schedule change next season? Will UK fans finally get to watch Wentworth Season 5 on the same day as the show’s release in Australia?

The delay in broadcast has caused some serious problems for Foxtel these past few years. Network executives themselves have admitted how much they’ve lost in terms of profit and foreign viewership. However, the show has not exactly been losing its appeal among fans. Fans still love the show, but more and more they choose to look for pirated copies of episodes, instead of waiting for the “official” broadcast.

Will Foxtel finally address this issue? Will the Aussie network finally give Wentworth viewers in the UK what they’ve long been asking for?

Foxtel has yet to address the broadcast delay of Wentworth abroad. But the network will shake things up with their local broadcast. What changes will they introduce?

Foxtel will soon ax Wentworth‘s first small screen home, the SoHo channel, and replace it with the Binge channel. Australia’s most popular prison drama will then move to Showcase. Aside from Wentworth, other shows like A Place to Call Home,  The Americans, Nashville, Bates Motel, Outlander, and Shameless will also make that shift in a couple of months.

According to News Australia, Foxtel’s executive director of television Brian Walsh himself tried to explain why the company decided to change things. “This move enables us to further strengthen showcase, making it the premium, premiere super channel on the Foxtel platform,” Walsh explained.

Foxtel’s decision won’t add to the bills of cable or satellite subscribers. Foxtel Play subscribers, on the other hand, will have to upgrade to the Premium Movies and Drama pack, which costs an extra 20 AUD (around 15 USD) a month. The Binge channel aims to reach viewers without access to the internet. The venture will launch in October.

Wentworth Season 5 meanwhile will premiere next year.