If you are a fan of Wentworth, then you surely had your heartbroken in the series’ season 4 finale. Bea Smith couldn’t be gone just like that, could she? Reality does hurt, and producers says she is definitely gone. That statement means it’s the end of Ballie. This leads to the question: Will Allie have a new love interest come Wentworth season 5?

No viable candidate on the show fits the bill, and no new person was cast for such role. However, Kate Jenkinson herself who plays Allie thinks it’s a logical path for the character.

If you think this is an ultimate betrayal for Ballie, don’t react just yet. Jenkinson had high praises not only for co-star Danielle Cormack, but also for Bea and Allie’s undeniable chemistry.

In fact, she gushed about how Bea is the love of Allie’s life and how they are meant to be. After Ellen has the full interview on Jenkinson’s thoughts. However, though the interview revealed how both Jenkinson and her character are heartbroken about Bea’s departure, she was also straightforward regarding the possibility of Allie moving on.

One of the highlights of the the actress’ thoughts is below, via After Ellen.

“I think that Bea absolutely is the love of Allie’s life. I think it was some kind of cosmic miracle that brought them together in such unexpected circumstances, and that they found something so real within an impossible situation. But Allie is young, and she’s got a whole lot of life to live. I would hope for Allie that she finds someone to give a little piece of her heart to, because I think she needs that.”

The actress goes on to explain that even though Allie does find love, it won’t be the same as what she had with Bea.

Wentworth season 5: What’s in store?

Whatever lies in Allie’s future will certainly drive the story forward.


In addition, Bea’s passing won’t be in vain. According to Jenkinson, the aftermath of her death is what shapes the story moving forward. With this, the next chapter will deal with how Wentworth differs without Bea Smith, and how the characters in it will be affected.

Whatever the next series offers, fans will have to be patient to know. Meanwhile, check out After Ellen’s juicy interview with Kate Jenkinson here.

Wentworth season 5 airs next year.