Another season of Wentworth ends this week. The show still has quite a few loose threads to tie up before this installment officially draws to a close. What does the award-winning prison drama still have left in store for fans? What twist will the Wentworth Season 4 finale play up?

“The Freak” — or to the uninitiated, Joan Ferguson — used to be the prison governor. But the show’s fourth season saw her as an inmate among the very prisoners she used to lord over. Will the finale finally restore the Freak to her former glory? Will she really be able to rise up to her former position soon?

Actress Pamela Rabe recently spoke with the New Zealand Herald about the finale and her character. Rabe took care not to give away any details about the season’s last episode. However, she did discuss what she envisions for the Freak in the future.

When asked what character’s “endgame” is, she did not mince words. “She would be God… She would be top of the mount. Prime Minister. Or President of the United States. [Or] Mistress of the Universe,” she explained. “She’s someone who is skilled at vacating her body and shutting off that valve… [The Freak] is someone who defines herself by her ability to overcome those obstacles – she will never give up without a fight … without winning.”

Will this endgame prediction come through in the Season 4 finale? Or will this come later in the game? Viewers might need to tune in to find out for sure.

Meanwhile, Foxtel denied rumors that they are cancelling the show’s fifth season.  In spite of declining ratings abroad, the hit series from Down Under will not be getting the ax anytime soon. Foxtel just confirmed Wentworth will actually be returning for a next year.

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The Wentworth Season 4 finale will air this July 26 at 8:30 p.m. on Soho. Do you want to know what could happen next ahead of the episode itself? Stay tuned to this space for further details.