Another season of Australia’s most critically acclaimed prison series will end next Tuesday. But did the show’s producers really save the very best twists for last? Just what does the Wentworth Season 4 finale have in store for fans?

This week’s episode ended with the apparent murder of Bea Smith’s girlfriend Allie Novak at the hands of Joan “The Freak” Ferguson. However, Pamela Rabe, the actress who plays The Freak herself, hints things might not at all be what they seem.

After the show’s penultimate episode, a local reporter asked Rabe about Allie’s death. The actress then corrected him, advising him “not to be so sure” about things. She even reminded him that the show has always delivered what fans least expect.

“It’s right up there [with our most shocking episodes],” the actress explained in an interview with News Australia. “And I think fans will know that every one of the series goes out with a bang and this is no exception.” Wentworth has always been great at shocking twists and misdirects. Does this really mean Allie is still alive?

Her death on screen did come as a shock especially to viewers who’ve been shipping Allie and Bea from the start. Rabe’s statement did give some of these fans hope. However, the twist Rabe was referring to could still mean  something else entirely.

Season 5 is officially confirmed to be returning in 2017! #Wentworth #WentworthS5

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Meanwhile, fans no longer need to worry about the show’s future. In spite of declining ratings abroad, the hit series from Down Under will not be getting the ax anytime soon. Foxtel just confirmed Wentworth will actually be returning for a fifth season next year.

The network’s still trying to get ratings back up in the United Kingdom, though. Rabe is actually in the UK right now to promote the show there.

Check out the teaser for the Wentworth Season 4 finale below.

The Wentworth Season 4 finale will premiere on Soho this coming July 26 at 8:30 p.m. Do you want to know what could happen next ahead of the episode itself? Stay tuned to this space for more details and updates.