With Bea away in isolation, trouble will come to Maxine according to Wentworth Season 4 episode 5 spoilers.

During the last episode, Will Jackson narrowly escaped a deadly attack perpetrated by Kaz when Bea warned him through the radio that he needs to get out of the kitchen. While he got beaten up, Jackson still managed to get away, The Bitbag shared.

Towards the end of the episode, Jackson was waiting for Bea to thank her “and no actions will be given to her.” However, she thought otherwise as she believed she will be punished. Thus, Bea beats him up and she was sent to isolation for the offense. The attack seemed to have solidified her claim to the top crown as everyone cheered her on. As she remains in isolation, her right-hand woman, Maxine, will take over.

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Per Wentworth Season 4 episode 5 spoilers from a blog on the series, the episode will be entitled Love and Hate. Ferguson will be seeking to reinforce her hold over Kaz by trying to manipulate Maxine, who is acting top dog, to do “an act of extreme violence.”

Meanwhile, as Bea serves her time in the slot, her bond with Ally will grow. The trailer for the series’ next offering also gave Wentworth Season 4 episode 5 spoilers.

A newbie guard is seen being toured around the facility as he is being introduced to the people inside. It was then admitted that Ferguson is the “most dangerous prisoner” given her knowledge of the system. A voice-over was heard, saying, “With top dogs in the slot, the women can finally breathe.”

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The prisoners were seen talking in another part of the video, and they echoed the same sentiment. One of the ladies even said, “While the cat is away …” Maxine is also seen asserting her claim to leadership. She said, “While B is in the slot, I’m top dog. Does anyone here have a problem with that?”

More Wentworth Season 4 episode 5 spoilers will be published here as they come along. The series airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m.