You are praying to God for strength, every inch of your body is screaming in pain, fighting. Every minute, you are in a painful struggle not just to stay alive, but more importantly to bring a new life into this world. However, the battle has some more twists to it. You are surrounded not with friendly humans, but ferocious bears. Does it sound like an ideal breeding ground? Certainly not! However, this is what happened when a new mother gave birth in a bear-infested Siberian forest during the bear mating season.

This nerve-wracking incident happened in Russia, when Alexandra Matrosova, a 40 weeks pregnant woman was helping her husband and relatives to fish near the town of Mirny. Suddenly at the strike of midnight, she went into labor pain. Immediately the family headed for the hospital, but their car got stuck in the taiga – a vast swathe of a coniferous jungle with vast areas of marshy ground. After many trials, they couldn’t get the vehicle started and had no other option but to call the emergency services, as reported by Ren TV .

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BBC learned that added to their misery was their remote location which came on the way of the paramedics, who after a point had to resort to walking to reach the expecting mother. Passing through the boggy land became a challenge for their vehicle to move any further.

Keeping the probable presence of some uninvited visitors, an armed police officer joined the medico team in attendance for the birth. “Bears are now in mating season, which is dangerous,” says police team member Komsomolskaya Pravda . “Their huge footprints are everywhere. We were shooting and making noise for about two hours so that the predators did not come close.”

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What was heartening was in the face of such extreme conditions as well as the bone-chilling temperature, Matrosova delivered a healthy baby girl. Later on, both the mother and the newborn were safely taken out of the forest to the hospital, where a senior doctor assured that the duo is in a “quite satisfactory condition.”