Food, clothes, and shelter – used to be the basic needs of human. That’s what we have grown up reading in textbooks. But looks like that the first one has no more restricted to usual bread, cereals, milk, greens and meat. There are some weird food around the world.

There are a few who have taken food to a new definition, where every bizarre is a delicacy and each strange preparation is called exotic. Brush up your knowledge of food. Here are five weird things which are eaten around the world! If you have guts, try it out!

Witchetty grubs

Just like the name, the look is equally sick. After all, you cannot expect huge, white, wood-eating maggots to be pretty in appearance. For centuries, they have been a favorite snack of Aboriginal Australians. It has a delicious taste and nutty flavor, says English Live.

Snake Wine

As understood it is an alcoholic drink prepared with a snake and rice wine. A traditional beverage of China, it is considered to be beneficial for health. Snake wine has two variants – either absorb a snake in rice wine and leave it for several months or drain the liquid of a snake straight into the alcohol and consume it as a shot, explains  Kic.

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While diving under the sea, it is only God’s grace that one can be saved from the clutches of eight-legged monster. But on the surface, you can be a brave heart and try a  live octopus. One of the weird food around the world, a traditional Korean dish Sannakji is about an octopus cut into small pieces and served while the tentacles are still squirming. Beware of choking hazard, cautions The Telegraph.

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Tuna eyeball

Sounds quite awful! Doesn’t it? But its fans swear by its taste and claim it gives same taste like squid. Would you think of them, next time you gorge on Tuna? This is a delicacy in Japan, lists Hostel World.

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Blood Pudding

This is another entry to the weird food around the world. Now you can also experience how vampires must be feeling by feasting on blood. Quite prevalently consumed in Europe, Asia, and other regions, blood pudding also called as black pudding is prepared with animal blood. It is a sausage contains cooked blood and fillers, like grains, potatoes or fat. The congealed patty is a coveted treat in Ireland and the U.K. informs Independent Traveler. Gemstone

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