This was one heated “Weekend Sunrise” debate. Andrew O’Keefe and Angela Cox were joined by Mark Latham, Miranda Devine, Rory Gibson and Van Badham to answer, “Have Australian men become second-class citizens?”

The discussion soon escalated to a face-off  between host Andrew O’Keefe and former politician Mark Latham, states

First up was Daily Telegraph columnist Devine and Sunday Mail columnist Gibson. They voiced their opinions which were contrary to Van Badham’s, who is the columnist for The Guardian. Gibson and Devine spoke on a few issues including men as being misunderstood. Badham stood her feminist ground and opposed their arguments.

The second round kicked off between O’Keefe and Latham. When asked whether men felt threatened by more educated and financially well-off women, Latham replied in the negative. “No, I think the average man is doing quite fine, they ignore most of the left feminist clap trap,” said Latham.

“They ignore people like Van who are a very very minority interest in our society, she’s a self-declared anarchist way way on the extreme left of politics representing perhaps point zero, zero, percent of thought in Australia so she’s safely ignored,” he added.

He went on about men keeping up with the education system. “The real issue for men is can they keep up in the education system. At the moment among university graduates leaving every year 40 per cent are male, 60 percent are female, a massive advance for women in this country,” he said.

“When you look at the bottom of society when you get away from Van’s debate about women like her because left feminism is essentially selfish,” he added only to be cut off by host O’Keefe.

Daily Mail reveals that the war of words went on. Latham finally accused O’Keefe of being biased. While Cox tried hard to cool things off, arguments reignited when O’Keefe thanked Latham for entertaining them. “Great to have constructive debate there. Thank you. And thank you all for your insights and thank you Mark for the entertainment,” said O’Keefe on “Weekend Sunrise.”

“Thank you for the objectivity, Andrew and maybe next week, you can go back to being a proper professional host. If you want to participate in these debates, declare that at the start of segment,” replied Latham.