In season 1 of the M. Knight Shyamalan produced sci-fi TV series “Wayward Pines,” Terrence Howard’s (“Empire”) character, Sheriff Arnold Pope, died after being shot in the head by Matt Dillon’s character Ethan Burke. However, a new clip from the upcoming season 2 of the Fox series shows Howard will return. reports via TV Line that the clip which shows Terrence Howard’s character Arnold Pope interacting in some bar with new lead character Dr. Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) takes place in the past, before Pope’s death. Pope posed Yedlin a theoretical question. “Hey, Doc. If you had a chance to save a thousand people at once, put ‘em down and then wake ‘em up. There’s some magic, godlike procedure, that you believed in and knew how to make it work, you’d do it right?” Pope asks Yedlin, in the clip.

Jason Patric’s character is clueless and struggles to find an answer. It doesn’t help that he is drunk and unable to ponder much over this philosophical query. “Everybody might think you’re crazy,” Arnold Pope says. We see Pope and Yedlin walk away from the bar, with Pope’s right arm on Yedlin’s shoulder. It is understandable that he is trying to ease him into the idea of becoming another addition to Idaho’s Wayward Pines; a place in the very distant future, year 4032, where anybody trying to escape is publicly executed.

“You are going to save a lot of folks, Doc.” Arnold Pope tells Yedlin, who has no idea about the situation he will find himself in. It is significant that in the clip, the two characters are at a beach of some tropical location, an island perhaps. The next time he wakes up, he is going to find himself right in the midst of a rebellion of the residents of Wayward Pines against the cruel and authoritarian rule of the First Generation and all of the staple mysteries and chaos that come with the package.

Season 2 episode 1 called “Enemy Lines” airs today. Watch the clip below.