The sequel for Watchdogs was previously announced last month and it is now currently in early stages of development, but the latest update came from the AMD press conference at the Game Developers Conference, which was reported by The Country Caller. It was revealed that Watchdogs 2 will have DirectX12 support. PC Gamer made the report about the announcement as well.

What makes it surprising for the DirectX12 announcement is not actually about the DirectX12 itself, but rather because Ubisoft announced the support during an AMD press conference, which looks like a bizarre twist of fate. As in the first Watchdogs game, Ubisoft has made promotions where the game will support graphical technologies from Nvidia, which is, of course, the direct competitor of AMD for the graphic cards. Ubisoft’s presence at the AMD press conference can make a big difference as it could be possible that the new game will have more support for the graphical technology of AMD.

The first Watchdogs game had some issues in terms of performance and visuals with a lot of lag and stuttering during its launch and suffered a lot of bugs and glitches. On the brighter side of news, with the support of DirectX12, expect more improvements on visuals on upcoming games and for the newer Windows 10 game support. In regards to the full details about the DirectX12, you can check the analysis from PC Gamer.

As for any progress on the development of Watchdogs 2, so far no details were revealed yet, as Ubisoft only announced that they will be developing the sequel and there will be no major Assassin’s Creed game release for 2016. Ubisoft recently launched the online multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division, which has received a new game update to resolve some issues from the launch. Expect to see Watchdogs 2 to arrive most likely next year.