X Factor Australia 2016 is here! This time, the world is going to witness many more singing talents, and tattoo artist Trojahn Tuna is one of them. Tuna has not only mesmerized the audience but also managed to wow X Factor Australia 2016 judge Iggy Azalea. Is he the future winner of the singing competition ?

Trojahn Tuna, 23, is native to New Zealand. He grew up in rural Waimana and now lives in Adelaide. By profession, he is a tattoo artist and by the passion, he is a singer.  While this X Factor Australia 2016 latest star is yet to hit New Zealand’s television screens, his spell-casting audition is remarkable. Furthermore, Judge Iggy Azalea seemed overwhelmed by this new rising talent’s singing prowess. Needless to say, Tuna’s inspiring audition has already gone viral on social media.

On June 12, 2016, Iggy Azalea was announced as a new judge for X Factor Australia 2016. On June 20, 2016, Guy Sebastian was confirmed to be returning as a judge. The following day, Adam Lambert was announced as the third and final judge for the eighth season.

Tuna marked his presence on The X Factor Australia 2016 stage by singing Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’ and the judges went gaga over it. All three judges seemed thrilled with Tuna’s mind-blowing performance. He really caught the eye of rapper Iggy Azalea who went a little flirty with him, according to Newshub.

She expressed excitement over Tuna’s tattoos and said: “You can just pick me up over your shoulder and walk off with me… daddy!”

Azalea further added: “I particularly like R&B sung by people who look like you – you are fine.”

On the other hand, Judge Adam Lambert admitted: “That was by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen since I’ve been here, it was just – it was so cool.”

Watch Trojahn Tuna – Audition – The X Factor Australia 2016:

Considering his popularity, it won’t be wrong to speculate the chances are high for this tattoo artist to win the reality series.  We would like to remind our readers that The X factor Australia 2016 will see Fendi Klementou, 26, Trojahn Tuna, 23, and brother and sister duo Jesse and Skyla Morgan battling it out for the big prize.

If you want to catch Trojahn Tuna’s full performance, tune in to  The X factor Australia 2016 on TV3 this Saturday at 7pm.