Mick Taylor is back. Only this time, he will have to pay for his deeds. Australian streaming company Stan has released the trailer of its latest new miniseries, “Wolf Creek” starring the original Mick Taylor, John Jarratt, and co-star Lucy Fry.

The Stan original series will premiere on the on-demand video service on May 12. The revenge drama follows Eve, played by Fry, in her quest to seek revenge on Jarratt’s Taylor for killing her entire family. Director Greg McLean, who directed the two “Wolf Creek” movies, is back again, states Sydney Morning Herald. He has not only written the screenplay for the six-part series, but will also direct it along with Tony Tilse.

Business Insider states that the psychological thriller series is scarier than the movies and starts when Taylor destroys (read: murders) an American tourist family. However, Eve, the 19-year-old daughter, survives and embarks on a revenge mission.

“Wolf Creek” is an existing brand, made popular in 2005 and 2013 by the movies with the same title. Stan opines that the existing fan base for the movies could spell success and an international audience, reveals TV Tonight. “That was one of the things that appealed to us: it’s an existing brand that has strong fan base in many parts of the world,” explained Nick Forward, content and product director of Stan.

“This feels like a nice way to continue the story in a way that’s no exactly like the films. It’s kind of a different take, a different genre on the same world. It’s a thriller, not a horror, what we’re doing. A 6-hour horror is hard to propel and keep people engaged with. So it will be an episodic thriller,” he said.

“Wolf Creek” movies too were helmed by McLean. They followed the crazed killer Mick Taylor (played by Jarratt in both the installments) as he hacked down tourists, one after the other. Outback Australia informs that McLean had his story in place before the infamous Wolfe Creek murderer, Bradley John Murdoch. He added final touches to the story after he came to know about Murdoch’s trial. That is how it came to be ‘based on true events.’

The publication also explains that Jarratt’s character is based on another serial killer named Ivan Milat from New South Wales. He is serving a prison sentence for torturing and murdering hitchhikers in the nineties.