Blake Shelton released the video for his latest single “Came Here To Forget”. However, it doesn’t look like what fans expected or thought. It might even hint of a secret love affair the country singer has with someone other than Gwen Stefani.

HollywoodLife took note of the “hot young woman” who joined Shelton in the video. She looks nothing like Stefani, the website reported.

Mail Online also remarked about the difference between his leading lady to his former and current ladyloves. She is noticeably younger than both of them are.

The website also provided an account of the new video from Blake Shelton.

The beach setting was shot in black-and-white. The camera captures the image of a stunning brunette wearing a one-piece swimsuit that’s covered by a flowy beach kimono, the website described.

When Blake Shelton appears, he is at a bar drinking alone. He notices the young woman as she enters. The lucky guy smiles as she sits next to him at the counter.

They start to talk and in an instant, attraction sparks between them. Flirtation soon follows.

After toasting to their new friendship, the young woman hoped to get Shelton to dance with her. However, he chooses to watch her move and groove from a distance.

The young woman continued her seductive moves onto the beach. Shelton watched her as she left. He then stares out into the ocean.

Blake Shelton wrote the song after his divorce from Miranda Lambert. He revealed the song is for those who want to get over and move on.

Early on, he expressed excitement over this particular song. Perhaps it’s because of the way it mimics his life experiences.

Many took note of how the song’s lyrics spoke of his relationship with Gwen Stefani.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani met on “The Voice” 2015. At the time, both of their respective marriages were ending. Since then, the two can’t seem to hide their PDA.

Watch the official music video for “Came Here To Forget”.