If you have a crush for actor Tom Hiddleston, here is another golden chance for you to go gaga over this English man. Not only did he impress us in “The Night Manager,” he now incredibly reads the weather as Loki from “Thor 3.” It is possibly one of the best moments that happened so far on the television screen.

Since Tom Hiddleston plays the character of Loki opposite Chris Hemsworth in “Thor,” he left no scope of invading a weather report during Fox 32 studios in Chicago’s news bulletin while it was reporting on why an “intense” tornado storm system was making the city windy, reports Sugarscape.

According to Digital Spy, the entire discussion was going on about a real tornado that had hit Oklahoma, then suddenly the newsreader welcomed “Thor’s Brother Loki” to follow up “all of the intense thunderstorms” that could be on their way.

Watch how Loki reads the weather news:

“You know, my brother from another mother’s been misbehaving,”  Hiddleston says to the camera, laughing courteously, although clearly quite confused as to what on earth he’s doing there.

He further explained, “The God of Thunder has brought his skillset to bear on the local weather, let’s say. So there’s a huge storm-front coming in and, um… All that means is Chris Hemsworth has taken his hammer, and he’s smashed it on the surface of the sky, and it’s going to rain a hell of a lot. So good luck with that.”

The fans could have barely overlooked the arresting charm of the British star on the small screen. Hiddleston stunned the show wearing full on suit, tie, and shirt. As usual, he is looking super attractive, stylish, and smart. Smiling throughout the brilliantly awkward performance, Hiddleston smartly managed to deal with the situation.

Another proof that there is nothing the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor, Loki cannot do.