Selena Gomez is riding on a career high. It seems nothing will stop her from reaching greater heights in the entertainment industry. However, would she give it all up for love?

Gomez took note of Instagram’s latest update in a recent post, HollywoodLife reported.

“So insta has 60 sec vids now,” she wrote on the caption. “Also new stuff” she added.

The post offers her fans insight into her new music. The website also took note of how she “made love to the camera” as the song played.

Gomez recently revealed she was already busy working on another album. The singer spoke with iHeartRadio last February.

“I’m already getting back in the studio with everybody that I love and I’ve been more inspired than ever,” she told iHeartRadio.

Her next album lists 11 songs. At the time of her interview, three singles were ready.

By May 6, Gomez will kick off her “Revival” tour that will cover 42 cities. Her itinerary includes Seattle, Toronto, London, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Music Times reported.

However, would Selena Gomez give it up for love?

Justin Bieber reportedly wants her to sacrifice her career and be his girlfriend again, HollywoodLife reported in a separate post.

“Justin wants Selena to put her career on the back burner and be his girlfriend and have a career second,” a source told the website.

“Anyone can imagine how this is going over with Selena. She really wants to be with him and will give him a chance when their schedules work, which is most likely after their individual tours finish but she isn’t going to sacrifice her career for a guy. She wants to be with Justin but on mutual terms and not only what he wants!” the source added.

His post of a throwback pic sparked rumours of a possible reunion with Gomez. The buzz grew when news of her attendance at his “Purpose” concert in Los Angeles made headlines.

Their fans will have to wait for the next episode in the continuing saga of Jelena’s reunion.

So insta has 60 sec vids now… also new stuff 😏

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