It seems like virtual reality is about to take shape this year as different VR developers and device manufacturers are now showcasing their products in full glory and putting them up for pre-orders. Apparently, Samsung is also one of the companies to join the fold as it happened to have a cool VR stunt planned to show at the Oscars ceremony just a couple of days ago. However, it got canned a few hours just before the event started.

Casey Neistat, one of the most popular video bloggers today on YouTube, has been covering the Oscars as a part of Samsung’s promotion to hype up its Galaxy S7 flagship as well as the company’s 360 camera.

Neistat explained that the South Korean tech giant, which was also a lead sponsor for the famed Academy Awards, were able to place its products in the stream. Neistat said that the plan was for him to skate down the aisle at the Dolby Theater while holding Samsung’s 360 Camera. He was supposed to go past Leonardo DiCaprio and then jump onto the stage.

Neistat continued to explain that Samsung wanted the routine to continue as the company pushed both the Academy and the TV team. However, the stunt was then cancelled despite it being rehearsed and was all set to go.

On the other hand, Neistat also managed to shoot a virtual reality clip that you can watch if you’re still interested in watching the capabilities of VR.

Samsung is one of the major sponsors for the Oscars, so it’s probably a given that the South Korean company gets its own right in marketing its own products. In fact, as part of Samsung’s marketing campaigns, Ellen DeGeneres snapped a famous selfie together with a long list of Hollywood actors and actresses using her Galaxy Note 3 just two years ago.