Celebrities and stars are joining tonight’s Red Nose Day Charity Event to raise fund to help disadvantage kids all around the world. This 2 hour prime time broadcast features virtually the who’s who in showbiz and the celebrity orbit from the movies, tv, sports, and business world.

You can watch them on NBC online or by telecast airing at NBC Live TV Special, May 26 at 9/8pm Central. Just Jared reveals that the diverse roster of stars and celebrities  joining the event includes Elton John, Julia Roberts, Celine Dion, Bill Gates, Liam Neeson, Ashton Kutcher, Julliane Moore, Tracy Morgan, Chloe Grace Moritz, Kobe Bryant, and casts coming from hit tv series like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead.”

Roberts, according to the Arizona Republic, visited the Children’s First Academy in Phoenix in connection with the event. The Academy helps sick kids who have no money to spend on medical treatment. The visit, which happened two weeks ago, involved a rather hilarious situation when one of the children in the Academy did not recognize Roberts and asked her if she is famous or something.

She asked one of the academy’s nurses to answer for her. Roberts visit was filmed and aired during Red Nose Day TV Special. The special will also include musical performances and appearances of the expected line up of famous guests.

This is only the second year that the Red Nose Day is being celebrated in the United States. Last year it was reported that the event has raised about $23 million (AU$31822902h approx). Red Nose Day originated in the UK and has been held for 25 years now. According to Red Nose Day website, the event has already raised over $1 billion (AU$1383116310) globally. Comic Relief  Inc, a non profit organization, is behind this fund raising campaign.