One Direction Louis Tomlinson has apparently called a BBC Reporter a “little sh*t.”

Mail Online notes that BBC Reporter Stephen Nolan had interviewed One Direction member Tomlinson before their scheduled show in Belfast SSE Arena which was incidentally got cancelled because fellow member Liam Payne got ill.

In the said interview, Nolan asked Tomlinson about the group’s latest single, “Perfect.” Tomlinson responded with, “Perfect, yeah, new single. Have you heard it?”

“Perfect” is One Direction’s latest single included in their newest soon to be  launched  album on November 13. The official music video of the song was recently released after the Belfast concert got cancelled.

Nolan admitted that he has not heard the song. The One Directioner told Nolan, “You should have before this interview you little sh*t” then he lightly jabbed Nolan’s shoulder. Nolan then told Tomlinson not to touch him.

Nolan posted a snippet of the interview on Twitter.

Watch the video here:

Reports have since circulated about Tomlinson cursing the BBC Reporter. But if one will closely observe the video, it looks like Tomlinson was joking with Nolan when he made the remark.

Nolan later reposted the video but this time, he put a different caption in it.

Earlier that night, Nolan has confirmed to interview other 1D members but had pulled out because of illness.

After his chat with Tomlinson, Nolan found out that the popular boy band group had cancelled their gig at Belfast. Nolan “took the side” of parents and children who were disappointed with the cancelled show.

An official announcement posted on the SSE Arena website said that One Direction’s concert will push through on October 23 at the same venue.