Uninvited guests can take us by surprise, more so if it is a cute winged creature who wants to spend time on your shoulder. So, Nine News Reporter Brittney Kleyn was understandably scared when a colourful bird, a parrot, perched on her shoulder and won’t fly away.

Kleyn was preparing for a live cross from Southport Courthouse which is based in Gold Coast, Queensland, informs Daily Mail. The reporter was just going through her notes when the bird, apparently a sun parakeet or sun conure, landed on her shoulder. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, somebody get it off me. It’s not funny,” shrieked Kleyn. The reporter was panicking as her attempts to make the bird go off her shoulder were not getting desired results.

“”I can’t get it off me, oh my god, oh my god, can you please get it off me?” she yelped. “It’s not funny … it’s not funny. What if that happened in the middle of a cross?” she added.



In the end, the cameraman helped the reporter to make the parrot fly away, informs News.com.au.

Brisbane Times reveals that this is not the first time that reporters have had to deal with birds. “The Today Show” posted a video which showcased Steve Jacob’s brush with a rooster.

Ever since the video of the parrot with reporter Brittney Kleyn surfaced on social media, a Michelle Mills has come forward claiming that the bird is her runaway parrot Lola, states News.com.au. Mills posted a frantic message on Nine Gold Coast News’ Facebook page asking them to contact her. “OMG THAT’S MY BIRD!!! SHE FLEW AWAY LAST NIGHT!! HER NAME IS LOLA PLEASE CALL ME,” wrote Mills. She claimed that her 18-month-old pet flew away a night before and she has been looking since. Mills said that Lola was a very tame and domesticated bird.