“Me Before You” debuted its second trailer for the movie. The film is an adaption of the bestseller from Jojo Moyes of the same title. The author also wrote the screenplay.

“Me Before You” stars Emilia Clarke as Lou. Clarke appears regularly on “Game of Thrones”. Sam Claflin from “The Hunger Games” stars as Will. The extended trailer revealed highlights of the book, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The website also took note of the saddest moments of the movie as shown by the 2nd trailer. Nothing could have made it more poignant than Ed Sheeran’s music playing in the background.

The accident that left Will paralysed. It’s a rainy day and Will is busy haggling a deal on his phone. He fails to see oncoming traffic and a motorcycle hits him.

The accident that left him paralysed

The two were initially at odds when Lou came in as his caregiver. However, they eventually warmed up to each other.
His first smile at her could melt anyone’s heart easily.

Will's first smile at Lou

As their relationship grows, Lou shared a happy memory from her childhood with Will. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, he’s able to give Lou a special gift.

Lou receives a special gift from Will

Lou is tearful as her father gives her advice on how she feels about Will.

Advice from Lou's father

Will Traynor was a successful executive. However, a motorcycle accident left him bound to a wheelchair. Louisa Clark becomes his caregiver.

IMDB posted a short synopsis of “Me Before You”.

“A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of.”

Earlier, Slate described “Me Before You” as a romance novel with a different conclusion. Because unlike other romantic stories, it does not have the typical “upbeat, love-and-marriage ending” many expect, the website noted.

The first trailer for the movie came out in February.

Remember to bring enough tissue when “Me Before You” premieres in theatres on June 3.

Watch the extended trailer for “Me Before You” here.