After 44 years, Otis Johnson, a 69 year-old man was released from prison. With all the technologies around him, he was definitely shocked by how the modern world turned out to be.

Speaking to Aljazeera, Otis Johnson said that his re-entry to the modern world was hard. After serving his time, he was was dropped off at New York Times Square in August 2014. He looked around him and saw large TV screens on buildings. His initial reaction? “Nothing like this before.”

Johnson told the site that he noticed a lot of people talking to themselves. He mentioned that he was overwhelmed by the number of people who looked like CIA agents. According to him, those wires that people wear in their ears were exclusively used by CIA agents in the ’60s-’70s.

He was amazed at how people are able to multi-task. Johnson wondered how people in the modern world can look at their phones while walking or crossing the streets.

Back in 1975, Johnson said that a phone call in telephone booths costs only 25 cents. He laughed that it still exists and said, “I found out they don’t use this anymore.”

In the grocery store, Johnson mentioned that he was surprise to see strange things such as peanut butter and jelly in a jar.

“There’s so many things that you can eat. So it’s a hard choice to pick out really the food that you want,” he admitted.

However, he felt happy to see a familiar treat – “Skippy’s” peanut butter. He recalled that it was already available in the 1960s.

For Johnson, the modern world is a challenge for him not only because of the changes and new technologies. Being imprisoned for a long time, he lost contact with his family. He recalled the good memories he shared with them in the past.

According to the site, Otis Johnson was only 25 years old when he was imprisoned. He was charged for attempted murder and police officer assault. Nonetheless, he took full accountability for his actions.

“Everything happens for a reason, I believe. So I try to let that go and deal with the future instead of dealing with the past,” Johnson added.

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