Donald Trump is holding a veterans rally at the same time when Republican presidential candidates get together on Fox News.

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The frontrunner among the Republican candidates has refused to be a part the Fox debate due to his conflict with debate moderator Megyn Kelly. Trump is in Iowa to raise money for wounded veterans.

Thursday night in the United States was all set to belong to Fox News. But Trump has different plans. His event will start at 9pm ET on Thursday (1pm, Friday in Sydney). The event is supposed to go live on YouTube.

“Fox has been extremely nice the last number of hours,” Trump says as the crowd cheers. He says Fox is still asking him to join the Republican debate. Trump apparently prefers his own event which he compares to the Academy Award ceremony.

The Republican candidate says his event has more cameras than what they have at Fox. According to him, it’s an honour for the veterans. He says he does not know if his decision not to attend the Fox debate will fetch more or less votes for him. However, when it came to veterans, he says he did not have any choice.

There have been speculations which news network will broadcast Trump’s event. “All networks will be present and have the opportunity to carry live,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks earlier told CNN Money.

Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee decided to attend Trump’s rally. According to Santorum, it is his best chance to get media coverage.

“Mike Huckabee and I were asked to come to an event where money was going to be raise to do help our veterans. You know, I thought about it,” TIME quoted the former Pennsylvania Senator as saying.

“I had some time because I’m not doing anything at 9 tonight.”

CNN said it would cover Trump’s event live while MSNBC did not comment. On YouTube, it’s FOX 10 Phoenix which is live streaming the event right now.