To set themselves apart from the competition, a variety of smartphone manufacturers add flavour to their offerings by customising how it works, how it looks, and how it feels. Samsung has its TouchWiz, HTC has its Sense UI, Oppo has its ColorOS, the list just goes on. On the other hand, LG is also offering its UX on top of the Android operating system. Now that the South Korean tech company is just about ready to unleash its upcoming flagship, the G5, LG has posted a new video up on YouTube to show off what’s in store for everyone.

1. The LG UX 5.0 features a unified ecosystem that is designed to take advantage of the company’s new accessories called “friends” for the G5. They are easily paired with the flagship using the LG Friends Manager app that automatically sets things up for you.

2. LG also equipped the UX 5.0 with several photography features that lets you personalize and ramp up the G5’s camera. Auto shots are for taking instant selfie poses, multi-view uses all of the G5’s onboard cameras to take every angle you need and so forth.

3. LG also says that the UX 5.0 has been streamlined to make it more intuitive. All of your apps are in one place, and you can uninstall as well as restore apps on the fly. If the single app drawer isn’t cutting it for you, you can go back to the previous version and settle for an app drawer.

4. LG Health also comes in the UX 5.0, bringing you your own personal coach for your daily fitness activities and motivate you to exercise. LG even offers its first party Smart Doctor that analyses the G5’s status and maintain it as it sees fit.

5. For travelers, the UX 5.0 features an intuitive world clock that comes with a slider to see how time progresses in different places of the world.