LG’s latest flagship, the G5, just arrived in the market yesterday. With that said, it was only a matter of time until someone takes it upon him or herself and post a couple of stress test videos to see if the LG G5 does deliver on durability. Now, a new video has surfaced, showcasing the G5 in all of its glory as it survives several tests of torture from scratches to drops. Does it survive? Read on and find out.

Jerry Rig Everything, the same channel that featured how the Samsung Galaxy S7 got its water-proofing capabilities, is at it again with a new post that puts the LG G5 to the test. The new video started with a scratch test on the display panel that’s done through several tips to see how well it handles scratches from different materials. The LG G5 features a layer of Gorilla Glass 4, so it doesn’t actually show some scratches until something really sharp comes into contact with the display.

It’s on to the back panel afterwards. Another test begins with scratching the layer of glass on the two camera panels of the G5, and it doesn’t actually scratch even when it comes in contact with a sharp object like a scalpel.


On the other hand, the fingerprint and power button, as well as the entire back panel, are made of plastic and would likely give off the idea that it isn’t as durable as handsets that feature full metal bodies. However, the fingerprint scanner was still up and going after several scratches. Meanwhile, the back panel showed some signs obvious signs of scratches.

The next torture test made use of a lighter on the display. The LG G5 features an IPS LCD display, and after fire came in contact with the panel, the pixels turned off after only three seconds. Afterwards, the pixels did return, but the fire managed to leave a white mark on the display. Also, the G5 managed to survive bend tests. Despite several attempts of bending the handset, it was still sturdy and working.