A Spanish jazz musician played his saxophone while undergoing brain surgery. Carlos Aguilera, the 27-year-old jazz musician, played his saxophone during the surgery in order to ensure that his neurological functions were not damaged.
Aguilera was given pain medication during the surgery, which was performed to remove a brain tumor, but he was kept awake so he could play the saxophone. The musical piece he performed was a classical jazz number, “Misty,” and he awesomely played it during the complicated 12-hour surgery.

The surgery was performed at the Regional Hospital in Malaga, Spain on October 15, but Aguilera and his doctors just had a news conference last Wednesday to announce that the surgery was a success. UPI reported on what Aguilera had to say about his brain surgery.

He said, “Two months ago I was on the operating table and now I have my life ahead of me, I have been brought back to life,” said Aguilera during the conference. Aguilera was also grateful to the surgical team for making sure he was still able to play after the surgery. “Without music I am nothing.”

The neurosurgeon who led Aguilero’s surgery, Dr. Guillermo Ibanez, said that the technique was the best way to ensure that Carlos would still be able to perform as a jazz musician, The Daily Mail reported that at the conference on Wednesday, Dr. Ibanez said, “We operated on Carlos like this because he’s a professional musician and his working life depends on this activity.”


Aguilero’s surgery team consisted of 16 health professionals, including three neurosurgeons, two neuropsychologists, three neurophysiologists, an anesthetist and five nurses. A medic held up sheet music for the jazz musician.