It’s the natural order of things. Another year, another iPhone from Apple. Now that we’re done with the ‘s’ cycle of the iPhone 6, everyone’s already expecting the Cupertino firm to unleash what’s next in line for the most popular iOS device. Enter the iPhone 7 – the new smartphone from Apple that is set to bring new things to the table. Previous reports suggest that the company is planning to equip its next device with a dual-camera lens setup, and in the latest video leak, it looks like that may very well be the case.

The video was posted by popular YouTuber Unbox Therapy. The video shows first a shady, beaten conspicuous box that contains what seems to be a case for the iPhone 7, as well as the much anticipated 4-inch iPhone SE. The case for the iPhone 7 somehow features a different camera cutout – it’s larger than that for cases of the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s. However, the camera for the iPhone 6s doesn’t line up properly to the alleged iPhone 7 case.

This could mean a lot of things, actually. Apple could be “overhauling” the iPhone 7’s camera which could point out to a bigger camera sensor or the company could indeed be going for a dual camera lens setup. Worst case scenario: it could also be a case for an iPhone clone or a device that looks similar to Apple’s upcoming handset.

The speculations do not stop there, however. Previous reports have indicated that Apple plans on ditching the headphone jack for the iPhone 7 to shave a few millimetres off of it. The new iPhone 7 case apparently reinforces that statement since the slot where the 3.5mm headphone jack usually goes to with the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s doesn’t exactly fit even with the standard earpods. This could mean that Apple may plan on going with Lightning headphones this time around.

It’s still a long time until Apple showcases the next iPhone in September if it goes with its usual pace. However, a video like this deserves its own merit, especially when it takes into account several rumours that we’ve seen regarding the handset.