Funny or Die has just come up with a “The People v. Kanye West” spoof on FX channel’s “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson” and it is really funny.

Kanye West has been in the news for his epic Twitter rants and real-life antics. The Wrap informs that “The People v. Kanye West” video mashes up West’s wildest moments with key moments from the O.J. Simpson drama with hilarious results.

The entire video consists of key characters from the show, reveals USA Today and stars Marcia Clark (Sarah Paulson), Robert Shapiro (John Travolta), Gil Garcetti (Bruce Greenwood) and Robert Kardashian (David Schwimmer). They get spliced with scenes from Kanye’s interactions with paparazzi and in interviews that results in an interesting watch.

The video opens with Travolta’s “this could be the most high-profile criminal case in the history of the world.” It moves ahead with VMA footage which shows West interrupting Taylor Swift. “This is the worst day of my life,” Bruce Greenwood’s Gil Garcetti says. “It’s worse than the day I was diagnosed with cancer,” he adds.

Key highlights from the video include O.J. Simpson’s suicide note being replaced by crayon-written lyrics to “I Love Kanye.” Then there is “I just told you who I thought I was: a god.” The icing on the cake is Robert Kardashian’s (played by David Schwimmer) reaction to a topless Kim riding a bike with Kanye West.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest season of “American Crime Story” had regenerated interest in the trial. People involved in the trial in any and every capacity at that time—family, friends, and lawyers—have again come under a renewed interest from the public ever since the show debuted. Hence, a spoof was just a matter of time. Funny or Die has made similar videos in the past, the latest one a movie on Donald Trump starring Johnny Depp, reveals The Hollywood Reporter.