The Philippines will hold its presidential elections on May 9, 2016. Five candidates are in the running for the top seat of the country. Each one notably has their individual characteristics that either endear or alienate them from the voters. But how would the candidates fare among foreigners?

Canadian-born Mikey Bustos aka the “Ambassador of Filipinos on the Internet” shared photos of the presidentiables. He asked people to give their honest impressions on Grace Poe, Jejomar Binay, Miriam Santiago, Rodrigo Duterte, and Mar Roxas.

Their comments could be a revelation to Filipino voters who still don’t know who to vote for. Take note, the video was not a paid endorsement, Bustos mentioned at the end.

Grace Poe, the neophyte of the race, was described as a sweet aunt who baked cookies. However, she stood out as the wealthiest among the rest in the opinion of foreigners given how she looked and dressed. Jejomar Binay was likened to Yoda from “Star Wars.” Perhaps, it’s why he was voted by the foreigners as the most trustworthy of the presidentiables. He could also be a farmer or someone selling watermelons in China.

Miriam Santiago was unanimously voted as the toughest among them. The foreigners noted her stern look in the photo. They also pointed out that she could be cast as a female villain on a local soap opera. Rodrigo Duterte could be either a taxi driver or a drug lord, according to the foreigners. The latter impression contradicts his stance against criminality, drugs, and poverty. To date, his eccentric behaviour on the campaign trail earned him the moniker as the Donald Trump of the Philippines, Morning News USA reported.

Mar Roxas was chosen as the most likely to win the elections. However, his appearance as a congressional representative might not make him trustworthy.

The number of presidential candidates for the Philippine elections started at 130 people. It originally included one candidate who claimed to have the support of aliens.

Watch the video of how “Other Countries React to the Philippine Presidentiables” here.