It’s not yet Tuesday, but a new video is up on The Dolan Twins YouTube channel. This week’s upload is courtesy of Ethan who decided to do his revenge prank on Grayson. Ethan’s hilarious and epic prank on his brother is entitled “Mouse-Trap Wake Up Prank”. It’s payback for last year’s “Taped to the Wall” prank by Grayson on Ethan.

Ethan recalled that Grayson did a prank on him last year. Moreover, it’s the only one on their channel to date. Since he’s never gotten revenge for it, he decided the best time to do so is when it’s completely unexpected.

Hence, he conceived the plan for his “mouse-trap wake up prank” on Grayson. Ethan’s strategy was to fill the entire room with mousetraps. Furthermore, use a water gun to wake up his unsuspecting victim.

Ethan started filming at 3:15 a.m. while Grayson’s asleep. Even though he’s tired, Ethan said it is the opportune time to set up his prank because his brother is a heavy sleeper and Ethan apologises for the prank in advance. He also reminded fans that he’s not evil, it’s just a revenge prank.


The prank scarred poor Grayson. A shot of his back showed a red mark where the mouse trap hit him. Grayson promises to get back at Ethan. However, before that, he had to pee first.

Fans shared their reactions to the new video via Twitter.

Fans also posted their comments on YouTube.

“Grayson deserved this for taping Ethan to the door, splattering eggs on his head and leaving him there for hours lol,” Crystal Marie wrote.

Freya Connolly gave Ethan advice on how he could’ve improved the prank. “He should’ve done this at night time. He wouldn’t have been able to see the mousetraps lol.”

America Galan pleaded with Grayson about his plan to get back at his brother. “Ay Grayson don’t get him back you already almost killed him with the kanye pepper.”

For their fans who asked why they posted it on a Monday, interestingly, Ethan tweeted something about that earlier.

Some speculated the Dolan Twins would announce their concert tour dates. However, Ethan’s recent post about it still does not say much.

The Dolan Twins shot to fame in 2013, recalled. They film virtually everything that happens in their lives which includes a trip to the doctor, HollywoodLife reported.