The official “Watch Dogs 2” was released yesterday and many details have been revealed. Marcus Holloway, the new protagonist, will bring the new hacking experience to San Francisco.

IGN reports that fans may expect this game to be a complete u-turn from the previous game, story-wise. Aiden Pearce in the original game had more of an “insular, anti-social revenge” story. Pearce just really had a lack of depth in personality. On the other hand, the story revolving Marcus Holloway focuses more on trying to correct the wrongs in society, motivated by the injustice done to the protagonist.

San Francisco was the first city to get a hold of the latest ctOS 2.0 technology – a surveillance software which is  an improved version of the one in the original game. Being incorrectly profiled by this new software, accusing him of a crime he did not commit, Marcus takes effort to clear his name and to get rid of this technology by creating his own. As a kid who grew up in Silicon Valley, he does all these in the way he knows best: through hacking.

According to Attack Of The Fanboy, the gameplay is more realistic than the previous one. When travelling, for instance, the players may go to real-life areas like Oakland and Silicon Valley even with their respective landmarks. Fashion is also patterned from reality. Marcus actually wears clothes inspired by ones in Northern California instead of just wearing a trench coat and a cap.

As Ubisoft has promised, this second game offers more gameplay. Players may now take down enemies non-lethally, thanks to a taser. More strategic thinking is required when accomplishing quests. The quests and missions were designed to be non-linear. This means that gamers may take these quests in a different order without ruining the storyline. Other features also include PvP and co-op missions.

So far, the available pre-orders for the game are as follows:

  • Standard (US$59.9/AU$80.14): the game itself
  • Deluxe Edition (US$69/AU$92.31): includes the game, an exclusive sleeve, a San Francisco Map, lithographs and digital customization
  • Gold Edition (US$99/AU$132.45): includes the same perks as Deluxe plus a season pass which may be used for more features later on in the game.

“Watch Dogs 2” will come out on November 15 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. View the reveal trailer below.