One of the biggest gaming news websites has shocked gamers, most especially “Watch Dogs” fans. The website served an ad which displayed details of the anticipated “Watch Dogs 2”.

Prior to the shocking reveal, Ubisoft released a short teaser trailer for its newest game. Although, not much information can be taken from trailer, it did say that a first look of the game will be released within the week. It turns out, however, that gamers do not need to wait longer for more details as IGN uploaded the banner ad on their website a day early before the scheduled world release of “Watch Dogs 2”.

Now that the details of the game have been leaked, gamers will only have to wait for the release. But until then, here are some things gamers can expect from the game:

  1. Taking a look at the background of the banner ad, Attack Of The Fanboy mentioned that it did look like the Golden Gate Bridge. Hence, the game will most likely then be set in San Francisco.
  2. The first “Watch Dogs” game ended with a big possibility that Aiden Pearce may appear in the sequel. But that does not mean that Ubisoft will not consider trying  out a new protagonist, which is now the case.
  3. As Games Radar reports, there is this similarity between the character in the ad and Cort King’s Instagram post which then confirms that Cort King is indeed the voice actor of this new protagonist.
  4. Ubisoft will inevitably try something new and improve the hacking mechanics of the game as some critics dubbed the mechanics as“simplistic.”
  5. Will a new protagonist also mean a new villain? Probably not. The left side of the banner ad suggests that DedSec will still be the antagonist of the game. But who is that woman on the right side?

The game is set to have its world premiere later today on its official website. “Watch Dogs 2” official release is on November 15, 2016.

What do you expect to see in “Watch Dogs 2”? Let us know in the comments below!