The wait for “Captain America: Civil War” would have been even more unbearable had it not been for the trailers coming out. And the latest one sure has a very exciting, action-packed sequence towards the end.

If you have been keeping a close watch at the trailers that have been flowing in, you may have realized the pattern, it’s at the very end that we are treated with a few seconds of new footage. That’s how we were given the first look of Spiderman in this movie and also the quick humorous banter between Hawkeye and Black Widow. And now this new trailer brings with it some fresh war footage, as noted by CinemaBlend. Take a look:

The clip towards the end shows us the two sides gearing up to go head-to-head, with the final few seconds revealing Black Panther charging at Captain America. What will catch everyone’s attention is Black Panther’s claw meeting the Captain’s shield. So both these weapons are made from the indestructible Vibranium. Up until now fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen this metal as Cap’s shield and of course, bodies of Ultron and Vision. Naturally so, it will be interesting to see the impact on the shield, since his claws are very capable of damaging it. We have already received a glimpse of the damaged shield towards the end of the complete trailer that was released. But watching Black Panther using his power on the shield has only further raised the anticipation.

What’s more? Actor Don Cheadle in a recent interview with NY Daily News  may have probably hinted that his character James “Rhodey” Rhodes may probably not be the one to survive the epic battle. He said, “It does look bad for Rhodey.” Naturally, he didn’t give any more details but this bit of information with the trailers at hand have sure given us a lot to ponder.

“Captain America: Civil War” will be charging its way into theaters on May 6, 2016.