Millions of fans watched the Super Bowl 50  halftime show last month but many don’t know that Bruno Mars dared Chris Martin to a dance-off at the time.

“Bruno wanted us to do that. He said we’d have a dance-off, and I came last,” Martin revealed to Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on ”The Tonight Show” recently.

In response, the host gave the Coldplay frontman a piece of advice. “If Bruno Mars or Beyonce ever challenges you to a dance-off, you walk away. You run as fast as you can,” Fallon said.

Martin explained his idea for their Super Bowl performance was to show a picture of togetherness. However, his theme led to Mars’ idea for a dance-off.

“Let’s show we all get along and everyone’s voices count. And Bruno was like, ‘Yeah! Let’s have a dance-off.’ I asked him to be there, so I couldn’t say no,” Martin said.

The British rock band performed three of their songs – “Viva La Vida,” “Paradise,” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” – at the Super Bowl 50 halftime. The event was a big one for Martin and his band, not only because they got to appear in front of millions of fans on site and at home, but because they shared the giant stage with two of the most popular pop singers today.

Although Martin recently admitted that his “Hook Up” song received the negative comment from Beyonce, he still has high regard with Queen Bey.

Martin admitted in the recent issue of the Rolling Stone magazine how Beyonce is very honest with him when it comes to his music and what she thinks about it. He recalled  when he had Beyonce listen to his track “Hook Up,” she quickly turned it down.

“In the sweetest possible way: she told me, ‘I really like you — but this is awful,’” he said. Despite Beyonce’s comment, the two have a good relationship as evident in their Super Bowl 50 halftime performance.