Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Millicent Phillips can. A day after National Siblings Day, the Phillips brothers pulled an epic zombie apocalypse prank on their sister who was high on medications after a wisdom tooth extraction.

The prank video uploaded by Cabot Phillips even has a Center for Disease Control issuing a warning over the radio. Cabot explained to Buzzfeed that they were big “Walking Dead” fans and got a friend to create the fake emergency alert. “The Center for Disease Control in Washington DC has issued a viral outbreak warning,” crackles the radio announcement. “State and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism,” adds the fake warning.

To make things look more authentic, their mum joined in, sternly asking them to get home right away. revealed that despite her drugged state, Millicent had amazing survival skills and quickly adjusted to the new world riddled with a zombie outbreak. She not only took jabs at her brother for “driving like a slug” but also criticised his choice of “garden hoe” for the car, instead of a knife.

“A garden hoe isn’t what we want,” yelled Millicent. “We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?” she added.

According to USA Today, the highlight of the prank was her quick response to the choice of pet they could carry. At one point, her brother breaks her the news that they can only take one pet with them to Mexico, the only place where they can be safe from the outbreak.

“The cat, you idiot!” came the reply. Second brother Barrett even asked her to make a choice between chocolate and Funfetti cake. “Why do we need that if there are zombies coming?” asked a visibly exasperated Millicent.

Will Millicent ever get back at her brothers? According to Buzzfeed, Millicent might have something up her sleeve. “Cabot is actually getting his wisdom teeth out at the end of the summer. I’m going to need to do something creative,” she said.