This happens only in Australia. Traffic came to a standstill when a cute koala wandered on the Wivenhoe-Somerset Road on Saturday. Travellers on both sides had to wait on the road until the marsupial got off the road safely.

Queensland couple Mike and Lee-Anne Phipps posted the footage, dubbing it as “Only in Australia! Made our day” on Facebook.

Police officer Senior Sergeant Gareth James had one of a kind task which involved directing a rogue koala back to the bushes. According to Brisbane Times, the koala was seen casually wandering on the road and seemed in no hurry to leave. Facebook user Mike Phipps, who posted the video footage shot by his wife on Facebook, revealed that they thought a serious accident had taken place until they saw the cause of the standstill traffic.

“The police were in the middle of the road and we thought there had been an accident, we were the second people along and there was just a koala sitting in the middle of the road just looking at him,” he said. “He just walking the koala around, tried to push him off the road, but it just didn’t work and the police man ended up stopping traffic both ways,” he added.

Phipps also explained that while the koala did go back into the bush briefly, the animal wandered back on the road. It took some time for the police to get the situation under control.

According to The Huffington Post Australia, the marsupial walked off the road and climbed a tree fifteen minutes later. However, it kept staring at the policeman.

“I’ve seen plenty of koala crossing the road, but normally they go in a straight line, but this guy was all over the place and kept coming back to the middle of the road,” said Senior Sergeant Gareth James.

Newsweek informs that Professor Peter Timms from the Sunshine Coast University, who studies koalas, has thanked Senior Sergeant James for making sure that the animal left the road.