Thirty-four-year-old Argentinian rockstar Chano Charpentier, who is the front man of the popular  pop rock band Tan Bionica, was interviewed by a journalist about drugs and his personal life. They finished the interview with a very passionate kiss.

To the utter surprise of the viewers, the YouTube video shows  the pop star grabbing the face of the reporter, Carolina Haldemann, who was interviewing him and kissing her  passionately. There was no resistance from Haldemann. Rather, she enthusiastically kisses the singer back before they pulled away. Later, the reporter proudly shared the video on her social media page, reported Mirror.

Chano and the journalist have started the interview discussing rumours that the band is breaking up. Chano in the interview also talks about his battle with drug addiction.

The Argentinian rockstar said, “I think that the only way to make the situation better is to legalise all drugs. I do not think it is the substances that are addictive, but the people and that addiction is a natural condition. The addict usually has a daring disposition.”

The pop star also talked about the negative effects of drugs. According to him, he tried every drug and found them great  at the beginning but finally realised that they destroy a person in the long run.

He went on, “they destroy young bonds, your family, everything. It is not a moral lesson what I am saying, it’s my personal experience. The challenge is to be clean. The first time it hits you well, you have great fun, spectacular, ecstasy, cocaine, but then it hits you bad.”

Chano observed, “an addict that is consuming is condemned to hospital, jail or death whilst a recovering addict is condemned to success.”

Chano also mentioned in the interview the tragic electronic festival Time Warp in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, which took the lives of five youths.

Although the interview mainly focuses on the adverse effects of drugs, it has hit the bull’s eye for all the wrong reasons. Instead of the message it should have carried, the video has become popular for the unexpected kiss.

A recent survey conducted by a northwestern Medicine study showed that contrary to the popular  belief, white youths are more likely to abuse drugs than African American youths.