Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with Adele to pull off the best prank ever. Known for her crazy pranks on the show, DeGeneres loves to scare people and watch them get scared.

For this particular prank, DeGeneres recruited the songstress and their target, Jamba Juice. People Greatideas reported details of their prank.

The Grammy winner had an earpiece into which the host fed her lines for the exchange at the counter.

From the start, Adele showed off her funny side. When DeGeneres told her to say “Hello” from the outside to test reception, the songstress yelled back “Hello from the outside.”

Adele echoed every word DeGeneres said throughout the prank, “One small cup, but a large.” However, the acting is all Adele, which added to the hilarity of it all.

The pair took the prank to the next level when Adele brought out a pair of scissors. At DeGeneres’ word, the songstress cut wheatgrass and chewed on it. “I feel like a deer in the forest,” she repeated.

DeGeneres then told her to pull out a mini bottle of Amaretto from her purse. They asked the server to put it into the smoothie. When he declined, Adele took a quick drink instead.

Eventually the songstress asked the cashier, “Where is my money? I need to pay for this, right?” DeGeneres told her to dump out her purse.

Watch their hilarious prank below:


In November, Adele revealed she does have a sense of humour when she surprised a group of impersonators. Elle reported that the songstress pulled off the trick with the aid of TV host Graham Norton.

Aside from DeGeneres’ pranks on the show, she also loves doing amazing parodies of celebrities. In October, she did a parody of Adele’s “Hello.” The host claimed that the British singer’s epic song was based from a previous conversation they had.