Washington, New York City and Los Angeles have intensified and augmented their security measures amid fears of terror threat.

Mail Online stated that federal and local law enforcement officials had to boost the security measured in the three cities. This is in preparation for New Year’s Eve as well as in response to a new terrorist threat. All the high profile locations including New York’s Times Square and the Rose Bowl Festivities near Los Angeles are under strict vigilance of the authorities.

According to CNN, top security officials had briefed President Barak Obama about the terror threat before he left for his vacations in Hawaii.

The officials informed that the threat was not confirmed and was just based on a single source. The source did not mention a particular area or city under the threat.  But authorities are not taking this information in stride. The officials also added that they are always alarmed about areas with large gathering and mass transit.

CNN confirmed that FBI was adding more agents and staff in some of its 24-hour command centers across the country to ensure security.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton assured that around 6,000 police officers would be on hand in Times Square for the New Year celebrations.

Mail Online reported that a newly formed counter-terrorism unit consisting of 560 members will also be appointed in the Times Square. This unit is specially trained in preventing terror attacks.

New York City mayor Bill De Blasio called the security measures taken in Times Square as “more extensive than ever”. In a local radio interview he said that he certainly understood that everyone was concerned.  He confirmed and assured the public that the NYPD is ready.

The Paris attacks is one of the main reasons behind the security alarm. The video released by ISIS featuring Times Square also intensified the possibilities of terror attacks.

Meanwhile, different reports have emerged stating that countries around the world are also fortifying their security on speculations of possible terror threat.