A woman is killed and a man injured in a Washington DC school shooting incident.

A woman who was waiting to pick her children up from High Point High School parking lot in Beltsville, Maryland, was shot and killed by a man who also injured another person before fleeing the scene.

Sherrie Johnson, school’s spokeswoman said that no student or staffs were injured in the shooting. However, she did not know the activities going on in the school at the time of the shooting, stated Independent.

Police said that they are still searching for the assailant in the Washington DC school shooting incident. It happened at 4:30 pm. Police believe that the shooter confronted the woman and there was a dispute. Apparently, the woman and the shooter knew each other but their relationship is not known. Another man who happened to be a bystander saw the altercation and tried to intervene. The attacker shot on his shoulder but the injury is not life-threatening, reported The Washington Post.

Subsequently, the assailant turned to the woman and shot at her several times, killing her. After that, the man left the scene in a vehicle.

Police understood it to be a domestic incident and also believed they had identified the suspect. But they were still trying to confirm the information and then would release a description of him and his vehicle. Police also said that the assailant could still be armed as no weapon was recovered from the crime scene.

News4 reporter Shomari Stone , however, tweeted that the assailant is Eulalio Tordil and the victim is Gladys Tordil.

The school had already been dismissed for more than an hour when the shooting happened. Concerned parents gathered at the street to get some information about their kids’ safety, reported NBC Washington.

Chris Barber, who is a former graduate of the school, said that he  rushed to the scene when he heard about the incident to check on one of his friend’s brother.

Chris said, “I came to check on my friend’s little brother. I wanted to make sure he was safe.”

Police informed that school security cameras captured the shooting and they have taped off the crime scene.

Kevin Maxwell, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools said, “When situations unfold like this it takes some time even for us to know what’s happening.”