As the Warriors face off the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry is also determined to fulfill a promise to his daughter Riley. Reports mentioned that Riley will get a “sweet promise” should the Warriors be able to defend their title.

According to Hollywood Life, Curry has promised Riley that she would get “a front row seat during media interviews” if his team wins. A source mentioned that Riley “jumped up and down” upon learning such promise.

“Steph’s got a lot riding on tonight’s game and there’s more than a championship on the line. He promised Riley she would be able to talk to the press at the NBA finals table after the Warriors win! Riley loves being in front of the cameras with the lights in her face. She eats it up and Steph told her that would be his Father’s Day gift to her, another NBA title and for her to share the spotlight with him after the game,” the source revealed to the site.

Meanwhile, Cavaliers star player LeBron James is reported to be “highly upset.” In his NBA history, James has won four league MVPs, two Finals MVPs, two All-Star MVPs and also became Rookie of the Year, Fox Sports noted.

On Saturday, James told reporters about the one award he’s hoping to have someday. He mentioned that he’s upset because he’s “never won defensive player of the year.”

Fox Sports reported that James has been First Team All-Defense for five times but “never gotten the recognition he apparently desires.”

Should the Warriors or the Cavaliers win in the finals, The Washington Post noted that Stephen Curry has another promise to make – “to cut the Wi-Fi off at his house.”After he was ejected from Game 6, his wife Ayesha Curry claimed that the NBA finals was “rigged.”

She tweeted: “I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money….Or ratings in [sic] not sure which. I won’t be silent. Just saw it live sry.”

Do you think the games were “fixed”? Who do you think will win the NBA Finals this year?