Klay Thompson is probably part of the greatest shooting backcourt in the history of the NBA but even the Golden State Warriors player needs a good luck charm sometimes.

Thompson amazingly made 11 3-point shots that helped the Warriors save their chance at achieving a second straight win in the NBA finals last Saturday. The Warriors beat the Thunder 108-101. But if you think that Thompson’s 41 points contribution in the game was purely due to his shooting ability, then you’re wrong.

According to Fox Sports, Thompson said that “I brought my Yoda socks to bring out my Jedi powers.” The socks may not be the cutest socks you’ll see, but they certainly worked their powers for Thompson.

Klay Thompson

Yoda Socks


Thompson hit 11 out of 18 attempts from afar while the other team struggled by just shooting 3 out of their 23 attempts.  Big thanks to Thompson’s stellar performance, the Warriors are now a win away from the mere 3-1 standing in the series against the Thunder. The series will now go back to the Warriors’ home: the Oracle Arena, the place where they are hoping to celebrate their win in the Western Conference finals and proceed to the Finals against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Klay Thompson appears to be the calmest player the Warriors know. According to Yahoo Sports, he also loves to spend quiet time with his pet bulldog, Rocco. His love for “Star Wars” was relatively new for fans, just like his power socks for Game 6.

Curry played on and off during the first two rounds mainly because of his knee and ankle injuries. The star player also has a swollen elbow during Game 2 of the series. Through the games, Thompson has not turned away from picking up slack while he also played well in letting the MVP shine in the game.