The unthinkable has happened in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals. The defending champion Golden State Warriors suffered another loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The game ended with the Warriors losing contact in the second quarter. They were not able to keep up with the Thunder. The Warriors lost to Thunder 118-94 Tuesday.

According to ESPN, on Tuesday morning, the Warriors already experienced minor adversities during the shoot around. A group was screaming chants for the OKC team when Draymond Green, who was fined for kicking Thunder player Steven Adams in the groin, kicked his leg in the group’s direction.

When Green started in the game, boos can be heard with his every touch, resulting in passes that were never close to the mark. With their most recent loss to the Thunder, it will be difficult for the Warriors to face the truth at 3-1.

The Warriors might still rise to the challenge as they could make three consecutive wins, with two of these at home. However, it would be almost hopeless judging from the most recent performances of back-to-back losses for the first time this season.

However, if Green is going to perform as badly and Stephen Curry is not going to improve his shots, there is little chance for the Golden State Warriors to get the championship. Previously, Golden State struggled against teams with differing styles, but now, there is a need for the team to prove themselves badly against a team that’s strong and fast.

USA Today reported that when the Thunder was formerly criticized for their defense, the team pulled its ability to great effect, leading the Warriors to commit big mistakes. Green and Curry were particularly affected when throwing the ball through traffic.

In the end, the Golden State Warriors lost Game 4 in the first half, where they simply let another game slip away. The Warriors may find it hard to believe since they have won 73 games in the regular season but OKC is tougher, bigger and definitely better.