The new test footage of “Warcraft” has revealed the look of Gul’Dan. Earlier we had a quick look of Medivh (Ben Foster) and this time the focus is on Gul’Dan(Daniel Wu). Yes, as usual he is looking awesome.

After “Batman V Superman,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Deadpool,” now “Warcraft” movie promotion engine is heating up.

You might have seen some of this footage in the previous trailers. There are some footages that are completely new. For example, the menacing and powerful orc Warlock Gul’Dan in front of the Dark Portal plus more of Khadgar, Garona, and the unknown Dwarf from the last trailer, says Collider.

According to Blizzard the 30-second test footage starts with a crackling green thunderstorm, looming in the clouds above Hellfire Peninsula. This is the world of Draenor, home of the Orcs, a proud race of warriors and shamans, divided by tribes and clans. Marching across the wastelands are the red-skinned orcs of the Frostwolf clan. The orc in front is Durotan (Tobby Kebell) noble tribal chief. Beside him is Orgrim Doomhammer (Rob Kazinsky) of the Blackrock clan. “Stick together,” Durotan commands.

Cut to the Frostwolves marching towards the other orcs, who are gathering as a group around the finished structure. It is the Dark Portal, a huge doorway glowing dimly with green flame. A female orc watches in chains, but is pulled away by another. “Move, half-breed!” commands the slave-driver Garona Halforcen(Paula Patton). She is half-orc/half-draenei and Gul’Dan’s personal spy and assassin, conveys Blizzard.

“Death…life…” the hooded Gul’Dan chants, striking the foot of his staff against the steps of the doorway with each word.

“Do you hear it?” he begins, addressing the horde of orcs before him. “The beat of a thousand hearts–a thousand slaves for a thousand warriors.” He motions to the cages at the foot of the doorway, each containing a prisoner captured during a previous expedition. “Living souls are the key to this portal; I need prisoners, not corpses.”

The orcs begin to cheer and roar to Gul’Dan’s words. “Empty their villages and towns, their cities. Bring me fuel for the [fountain?], and make room for the horde!”

Gul’Dan turns to face the portal and throws out his arms, absorbing the souls of the captured prisoners and channelling them into the glowing doorway. An image appears across the shimmering surface of the portal. It is the world of Azeroth, home of the humans.

The green orcs rush violently towards the portal. In contrast, the Frostwolf orcs Durotanand Drakka(Anna Galvin)  wait calmly at the precipice. “Let me go first,” request Durotan, noble tribal chief of red-skinned orcs of the Frostwolf clan. She nods with approval. Durotan slips through the portal, followed closely by his wife.