Fans of the “Starcraft” and “Warcraft” franchises may have something more to look forward to.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., the video gaming developer and publisher behind the major gaming franchises, recently held their video convention dubbed “Blizzcon” where details about the video games were revealed.

In a report by GameSpot, the main highlight of the event was the upcoming release of “StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void” for PC this November 10. Complementary to this release, the site further reports that succeeding chapters for the “Starcraft” universe will involve episodic adventures that will be released next year.

Although these upcoming releases were the focus of the convention, a glimmer of hope for fans awaiting expansion on the “Warcraft” universe and more of what “Starcraft” can offer was sparked by an interview with Tim Morten, lead developer of “Starcraft II”.

According to GameSpot’s interview with Morten, the creation of a “Starcraft 3” and “Warcraft 4” will highly depend on what the fans of the series would want or which direction they would want the story to go.

Meanwhile, a report from TweakTown also relays some of the highlights of Morten’s interview with GameSpot. In the excerpt, Morten was quoted as saying, “I can tell you that, today, our focus is 100% on this content that we’ve announced here at the show. What the future holds really depends so much on what we hear back from players. We love RTS, we love this genre. The StarCraft universe is fantastic; the Warcraft universe clearly has more stories that can be told.”

Despite the large pool of possibilities for “Warcraft” and “Starcraft”, the “Starcraft II” lead developer says that as of now, their team has been focused on working on the content for “Legacy of the Void” that little time has been dedicated to make decisions for aspects of their other products.

On another note, although not much development can be anticpated for the RTS aspect of the “Warcraft” universe, an upcoming movie is slated to be released on June 10, 2016. Watch the official trailer below.