Owen Hanson, a wanted “cocaine kingpin” in Australia, has been scheduled to appear in a US court, accounting to another victory for the nation.

Australian authorities have always been troubled with the huge flow of cocaine from South America and hence listed Hanson as a wanted cocaine dealer of the nation. Despite many efforts put in by the nation, the officials could not control the drug dealings from the southern part of America. On the other hand, the United States has taken him in custody and the drug kingpin is scheduled to appear in court to plead guilty in a court in San Diego.

Owen Hanson, 34, was arrested on September 9, 2015, following a collective Aussie and FBI operation. He has been in the US custody since then. While the former USC athlete said that he was not involved in illegal gambling, drug trafficking and money laundering, his lawyer Mark Adams requested for the change of plea hearing. The hearing for the matter has been scheduled in the District Court in San Diego on January 10 before US Magistrate Judge Mitchell Dembin.

Evidence Against Owen Hanson

Following the FBI investigation, 22 people were charged. Among them, around half of them have pleaded guilty. The prosecutors claimed in the previous proceedings that they have more than sufficient evidence against Hanson and others arrested in the operation.

“To date, the United States has produced one hard-drive containing approximately 268 gigabytes of data, including audio and electronic intercepts from wiretaps on multiple lines, the results of search warrants executed on eight email accounts, more than 200 surveillance photographs and videos, approximately 60 audio and video recordings of FBI undercover and source meetings with the defendants and thousands of documents received in response to more 221 subpoenas,” Assistant US Attorney Andrew Young wrote in a recent court filing as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Australia was the first nation to announce the involvement of Owen Hanson. According to the case filed, the suspect claimed that he could sell a kilogram of cocaine for US$175,000 (AU$242,000) in Australia while the same could be sold at US$20,000 (AU$28,000) only.

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