A murder house in Los Angeles is for sale with a $3.58 (US$2.75) million’s price tag. Glendower Palace, a hilltop Spanish mansion with a history of the most bizarre and macabre murder, is up for sale. The estate agent has advertised the mansion as “waiting for that special person”.

For the ghoulish sightseers, it has the attraction of a pilgrimage. They are all lured by the paranormal tales linked to the murder house, reported The Telegraph. The 1925 house has four bedrooms and a “grand entrance with a step-down living room with serene views, formal dining room, library/study, large kitchen, and a ballroom with a bar on the third floor,” as stated in the listing.

Apparently, the haunted mansion is abandoned since 1959 after a doctor killed his wife before committing suicide. Following the incident, the 2,475 Glendower Palace is popularly known as “the Los Feliz murder mansion.”

50-year-old New York-born Dr. Harold Perelson, murdered his 42-year-old wife, Lillian in her sleep with a ball peen hammer on December 6, 1959. Reportedly, Dr. Perelson also attacked his 18-year-old daughter Judye, who managed to escape. Before committing suicide he told his younger daughter 11-year-old Debbie that the whole scene was a nightmare, as reported by Daily News.

Cheri Lewis  was a former neighbor and  12-year-old at the time of the murder.

Referring to the night of the murder Lewis said, “I remember. She was screaming. At first I thought it was a wild animal, but then it was something like, ‘Don’t kill me!’ It was like a horror movie.”

She noted, “About 10 years ago, we went into Judye’s old room, and the nameplate on the light switch cover was still there with her name on it.”

The Creepy mansion finally went on to sale as the couple Emily and Julian Enriquez, who purchased it right after the murder left it to their son and the son died recently.

On another  a recent report, a giant statue of Jesus, which was abandoned by its owners was up for sale in Melbourne.