Apple’s iPhone SE has been a highly anticipated smartphone this year. Although many people loved the bigger designs of Apple with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, there is a considerable amount of customers who still love the 4-inch smartphones.

Even though iPhone SE is small in size, it comes with the same advanced technology as iPhone 6S. Apart from specs, Apple has made the device extremely affordable with the base model at just $399, making it one of the reasons to become a sleeper hit of the season.

Lately, Walmart has offered a new deal of iPhone SE which would be more affordable than ever before. The store also offers the same deal for all the iPhone models.

The promotion for the deal began last Friday in the U.S. Walmart has waived-off $100 on all iPhone for prospective iPhone buyers. The deal includes iPhone 6S models and iPhone SE. It would be hard to find a better deal than the Walmart’s deal.

BGR notes that the discount is factored into user’s monthly installment plan. This also means that the discount is not applicable to a user who chooses the subsidized pricing that comes along with a 2-year contract.

According to CNN Money report, the store is in association with AT&T, Verizon & Sprint on the deal, this makes easier for the customers to see the discounts through their bills. However, T-Mobile customers are not fortunate enough to avail the deal. It is worth noting that the deal is not available for online purchases.

For Samsung users, Walmart also offers an even better deal for Samsung flagship devices. For users who would purchase Samsung Galaxy S6 or the latest handset Galaxy S7 can receive a $150 discount.

Interested customers will have to hurry up as Walmart’s smartphone deals are slated to run through the end of June this year, in the U.S.

Meanwhile in Australia, Telstra offers the cheapest plan for the iPhone SE prospective buyers. The telecom offers the 16 GB model of iPhone SE at $71 per month, including 1 GB of data, $550 of calls and texts and 10 GB of data on Telstra’s Air Wi-Fi network, notes Gizmodo.

Similarly, Optus also offers a plan for the iPhone SE buyers. It offers $55 per month and it also includes 500 MB of data, and unlimited calls and SMS. The company also offers choices between a $99 “trade-up” for a new handset or cancelling your plan anytime.