Fans of “The Walking Dead” were all pretty stoked when Negan finally showed up in last season’s finale. He is one of the biggest baddies from the comic books. But will he really prove to be more dangerous than the walkers themselves?

According to, the walkers will not take a back seat in the upcoming seventh season. The show’s producer, Greg Nicotero, confirmed that the dead remain a threat. “It’s always about keeping the walkers present,” he told IGN. “Especially if you have a great villain like Negan, you still have to have the walkers be present, otherwise, you’re taking away one aspect of the show. And it’s an important aspect of it.”

Nicotero also said the show would not be “The Walking Dead” if not for the walkers. “It’s always important to keep the walkers relevant in the show,” he said. “If there’s an episode that doesn’t have a ton of walkers, there’ll be some awesome gags in it that you’ll just be blown away by.”

The walkers might still be central to the show in the next season. But Nicotero does admit that bringing in Negan was crucial to moving the show’s plot forward. “The main thing about Season 7 is establishing that the world isn’t what everybody thinks it is,” he said in a separate interview with “At the end of Season 6, Rick was so confident. ‘We’re just going to knock out that outpost, we’re going to f–k these guys up before they f–k us up,’ and it ends with him going, ‘Heh, oh well, I had no idea. What I perceived as the world is not even close to what the reality of the world is,’ and Negan’s there to show him that.”

The seventh season of “The Walking Dead” is set to premiere in October on AMC.